Optimize Your Hypermarket, Supermarket, or Grocery Store with Packman Point-of-Sale Solutions.

Packman offers cutting-edge retail POS systems tailored for supermarkets and grocery stores, providing a holistic solution that enhances the experience for both customers and staff. With its advanced point-of-sale modules and real-time inventory management, you can ensure a seamless and efficient sales process. This all-in-one solution is meticulously designed to streamline the management of your supermarket's inventory, sales, and customer service.

Our comprehensive retail POS solution is crafted to empower businesses of all sizes in optimizing their operations. Loaded with an array of features, Packman simplifies the management of inventory, sales, and customer service, enhancing overall efficiency.

One standout feature of Packman is its centralized customer loyalty program. This functionality enables effortless tracking of customer order history and seamless management of loyalty points, all within a unified platform. Moreover, you can utilize our mobile app to offer customers exclusive promotions and rewards, a strategic approach that can drive sales and foster customer loyalty.

Highlighted Features of Our Packman POS Software for Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, and Grocery Stores

  • Simplified operations
  • Mobile App to manage inventory on hand held devices
  • Integrated accounting systems
  • Integrated e-commerce solution
  • Centralised customer loyalty program
  • Integrated payment solution
  • Multi-store management
  • Systematic stock keeping
  • Centralised inventory management
  • Mobile BI reports

Key Features of Our Packman Hypermarket/Supermarket/ Grocery POS Software


Simplify Your Invoicing with Our Highly Efficient POS Software for Grocery Stores, Enhancing Your Business Experience. Explore a Range of Convenient Options Designed to Streamline Your Invoicing Process.

Inventory Management

Packman simplifies inventory tracking for your store, offering real-time management to keep you informed about your product count over specific periods.

Customer Order Management

Enhance Customer Order Management with Our Supermarket Billing Software, Accelerating the Process for Improved Customer Satisfaction and the Potential for Added Revenue Streams.

Suppliers Order Management

If you operate a supermarket or grocery store, it's common to deplete your stock quickly. Our POS system offers strategic supplier order management, allowing you to have peace of mind.

Consistent and Customizable Reports

You can run a successful business only when you measure your growth frequently. Our POS system helps you generate reports at regular intervals so that you can plan future activities accordingly.

Multi-store Management

This feature helps you manage multiple stores efficiently all at once assuring maximum benefit. Install Packman at your grocery store and get ready to touch the heights.


What is supermarket POS software?

Supermarket POS software is a specialized application designed to efficiently oversee and automate various business operations, including sales, purchasing, inventory management, expiration tracking, promotions, loyalty programs, and accounting, among others.

Supermarket POS systems provide numerous benefits for businesses, including enhanced customer service, simplified team management, and amplified sales.

Packman Retail stands as the optimal Supermarket POS system for small businesses, as it automates comprehensive business operations with minimal staffing and skill requirements. It offers a systematic and convenient approach to managing supermarket and grocery operations.