Maximize the potential of your retail business with Packman Retail, the ultimate solution trusted by top retailers throughout the Middle East

If you are seeking a comprehensive retail POS system to enhance your business performance, Packman Retail is the optimal choice. Our POS software is packed with a wide range of tools specifically designed to assist you in managing every aspect of your retail business. From point of sale transactions, customer loyalty programs, and inventory management to financial accounting and generating reports, our software covers it all. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Packman Retail ensures that running your business smoothly is a breeze.

Our retail software Packman Retail caters to various segments of the retail industry, as it follows:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
  • Fashion & Department Stores
  • Cosmetics & Electronics
  • Specialty Stores

Why Packman Retail

  • Point of Sale System
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management System
  • Integrated Financial Accounting System
  • Barcode generating, Printing and scanning
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Electronic Weighing Scale Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics

Key Features of Our
Packman Retail Software

Retail operations

Optimize your organization with our comprehensive retail solution, meticulously designed to streamline and simplify all retail operations. Experience enhanced productivity and efficiency for your store.

Uninterrupted POS Operation

Deliver unmatched service to your clients using our adaptable retail solutions, engineered to function seamlessly both online and offline, free from dependence on network connectivity.


Whether it's a single store or a multi-store operation, our system offers centralized management for purchases, distribution, pricing, and performance monitoring at both the store and headquarters levels.

Easy to learn – Quick training

Our retail POS system features an intuitive graphical interface, minimizing staff training time and costs. Users can get up and running with just a few hours of training.

Customer Loyalty Program

Enhance your organization with our integrated retail solution, designed to simplify and streamline all retail operations, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency for your store.

Analyze Business

Optimize your organization with our integrated retail solution, designed to simplify all retail operations, and boost your store's productivity and efficiency.

Our Special Features

In-store Point of Sale

Secure your sales with our cross-channel inventory and fulfillment visibility. Our system offers multiple layers of security for cashiers and supervisors to eliminate any potential for fraud. Enjoy swift checkout through integrated payment processing and enhance productivity with a user-friendly, intuitive touch-screen interface. Additionally, our system enables the delivery of enhanced and personalized client-centric services.

Inventory Management

Achieve real-time inventory visibility across all channels, from your stores to warehouses and 3PLs. Utilize multi-warehouse inventory management for seamless tracking across multiple locations. Effortlessly monitor and facilitate transfers between various business locations and subsidiaries. Our systems are built to efficiently handle purchase orders and transfer orders across diverse inventory locations. Additionally, manage and track inventory adjustments along with their financial implications for your business.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Gain comprehensive customer insights across all channels to enhance transaction and interaction visibility. Foster customer loyalty by effectively targeting the right customers with appropriate products. Our CRM system is engineered to construct robust customer profiles based on labels and interactions, empowering marketing, sales associates, and service personnel. Segment and engage your buyers through personalized up-sell, cross-sell campaigns, and targeted promotions. Efficiently manage, monitor, and analyze marketing campaigns across all channels within a centralized application. Offer customers self-service options, such as viewing purchase history, reordering, and obtaining round-the-clock answers to their inquiries. Ensure seamless tracking of all customer issues and touchpoints through integrated case and support tracking.

Finance and Accounting Management

Our comprehensive finance and accounting system seamlessly integrates with the inventory and PoS modules, enhancing the overall solution's stability and data integration. This integration simplifies operations by eliminating the need for separate data entry for sales and inventory transactions, reducing the potential for human error or data manipulation. With a robust financial management system, you not only gain insight into your business's financial performance but also the underlying reasons behind it. This information empowers you to make informed decisions to enhance your business operations. In essence, our financial management system saves you time, ensures greater data accuracy, enables effective cash flow monitoring, expense control, and facilitates better decision-making.


Data Security & User Access Control

While our system boasts a comprehensive financial accounting module, the bill payment feature is an exceptionally convenient and valuable tool for users. This feature enables users to effectively manage vendor payments for outstanding invoices, taking into account credit periods and due dates. Additionally, it provides alerts for deductions, including debit notes for GRVs, display rent, listing fees, annual rebates, and more.

POS – Features
  • Online and Offline PoS operation
  • Arabic Invoice printing
  • Multiple Counters and cashiers
  • Multiple mode of payment
  • Standard PoS features such as Hold, Recall, Return, Gift vouchers, Refunds, Instant discounts, product easy look-up, etc.
  • Access control on cashier for certain features such as refunds, discounts, bill recall etc..
  • Counter reports – X Reports & Z reports
  • Queue busting solution on Mobile devices
  • PoS counter closing , cash submission and reconciliation
POS Fraud Control

In the realm of retail, prioritizing fraud control is paramount, and Packman Retail is equipped to address every potential fraudulent activity within daily transactions. This includes sales returns, cash refunds, bill holds, line voids, discounts, below-cost sales, and more. Supervisors have the authority to approve or decline transaction requests, and all entries are meticulously logged in our database for future reference.

Customer Loyalty Program
  • Maintain customer information
  • Customer enrollment & issue membership cards
  • Tailored Reward program based on customer buying pattern / trend
  • Promotion campaign via SMS or e-mail
  • Multiple redemption options including gift vouchers, reward points redemption
  • Support all accounting functions including your general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivables, as well as fixed assets management with the help of a strong compliance management.
  • Enhance your business performance, boost your financial close efficiency, and cut back on the back-office costs using standardized processes in a single and integrated solution.
  • Use audit trial visibility with the help of drill-down capabilities to see all underlying factors from your financial statements to transactions.
  • Optimize procure to pay and take full advantage on an intuitive user friendly interface as well as an integrated workflow to process all requisitions to each payment by vendors, end to end.
  • Simplify tax compliance with our prebuilt tax intelligence and process sales transactions in accordance to the current regulations.
  • Monitor consolidated financial records for nay part of your business at the summary level as well as all the way to the underlying transaction details with a real time visibility.