Elevate your coffee shop/food truck business to the next level.

Introducing the next-generation restaurant management system, Packman for coffee shops and food trucks, offering restaurant operators the tools they need to enhance the efficiency of their daily operations. This highly customizable system is well-suited for a variety of eateries, including fast food chains, food trucks, bistros, fine dining establishments, and cafés. Our advanced technology is designed to reduce customer wait times, simplify management processes, and maximize revenue opportunities. By implementing Packman solutions, you can effortlessly streamline your business operations across all platforms, ensuring a seamless order-taking process and delivering a superior guest experience that drives increased sales. With the Packman coffee shop POS system, you can boost sales, reduce operational costs, effectively manage risks through analytics, and maintain complete control over your outlets. It incorporates analytics and artificial intelligence features such as outlet management analytics and customer behavior management.

Key functions

  • Multi-outlet management with centralized menu management and management dashboard
  • Delivery management system – telephone line integration & caller id tracking, customer order history, assign and manage delivery persons etc
  • Design Floor and table layout
  • Works on Cross-platform / Multi-platform
  • Extensive promotional module
  • Integrated KOT and KDS module
  • User access controls – MSR Card or Biometrix
  • Integrated payment solution
  • Integrated online ordering platform
  • Integration API’s for online sales platform aggregators
  • Integrated loyalty program
  • On cloud, on premise or hybrid

Highlighted Features of Packman Cafe POS System

Menu Management

Effortlessly and conveniently handle your menu. Packman Coffee Shop POS Software eliminates the need for extensive time spent on individual product management—it does the work for you.

Easy Payments

For food truck owners, a swift and efficient payment system is essential. This is where the Packman point-of-sale solution steps in, facilitating easy and convenient payment processing.

Sales Reporting

An essential aspect of any business is assessing your progress. If you're not measuring your daily advancements, you're missing out. Our POS solutions assist you in generating precise sales reports, ensuring you're on the right track.

Customer Management

Packman eliminates the need for manual customer data entry. Amidst the crowd, our customer management feature streamlines the process, allowing you to effortlessly record and store your customers' information in the system.

Better Customer Experience

By saving your customers time through automated billing, invoicing, and order processing, you're more likely to attract higher footfall. Customers have a preference for swift service, particularly when it comes to food, and our efficient processes cater to that preference.

Order Management

Whether you're ordering online or visiting our physical store, fast order processing is universally preferred. Our efficient POS solutions guarantee rapid order fulfillment, aligning with the expectations of every customer.


What is a coffee shop POS system?

Coffee shop POS software is engineered to enhance your spending tracking and budget management through precise data analysis. Furthermore, it empowers you to establish loyalty programs that encourage customer retention. Lastly, it serves as a valuable tool for efficient inventory management and the reduction of food wastage.

Coffee shop POS software is meticulously crafted to enhance your spending tracking and facilitate more effective budgeting through precise data analysis. Additionally, it enables the creation of loyalty programs to retain customers and serves as a valuable tool for inventory management, food waste reduction, and comprehensive spending tracking, enabling better future budgeting.

Implementing a POS system in your business yields numerous advantages, notably in terms of productivity and sales. This system enhances the efficiency of managing company paperwork by tracking orders, invoices, sales figures, and generating reports. Additionally, POS systems boost daily sales efficiency through barcode scanners and credit card terminals, allowing you more time to concentrate on running your business and less on administrative tasks.

To streamline your sales and credit/debit card payment processes, considering a coffee shop/food truck-specific POS system is a wise choice. Even the smallest businesses can experience significant benefits from a well-suited POS system.