Take your cafe or restaurant business soaring to unparalleled heights by implementing our highly efficient POS software solution.

Packman Resto is a cutting-edge restaurant management software that effectively empowers restaurant owners to enhance the speed and efficiency of their business operations. With its customizable features, this system is highly recommended for various types of restaurants, including fast food chains, bistros, fine dining establishments, food trucks, and cafes. We take great pride in our advanced technology, which enables us to minimize customer wait times, streamline management processes, and capitalize on every revenue opportunity. By utilizing Packman solutions, you can effortlessly optimize your operations from any device, ensuring a seamless order-taking process and delivering an exceptional guest experience that ultimately drives revenue growth.

With Packman Resto you can significantly increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and effectively manage risks through the power of analytics. This software provides you with optimized outlet management and complete control over your restaurant's operations. Additionally, it incorporates artificial intelligence and analytics, including customer behavior management and outlet management analytics, among many other features.

Experience the future of restaurant management with Packman Resto and unlock the full potential of your business.

Cloud-based Restaurant Application

The web-based Restaurant POS application is cloud-based, making it easily accessible and efficient. This application is primarily designed for cafeterias but can be used in various settings, including on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, as it is responsive. One of the key features of this application is its ability to recall and edit orders, as well as add modifiers. Once an order is taken, a receipt bill is automatically generated and printed in the kitchen, ensuring smooth operations.

Furthermore, this application offers the convenience of combining two bills or splitting a bill, catering to different customer preferences and needs. To enhance management capabilities, this application also provides back-office facilities, allowing users to easily add and update necessary master data.

Overall, the web-based Restaurant Application offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for efficient restaurant operations

Our Special Features


The Packman KOT App is specifically designed for Restaurant Billing Software, with a focus on streamlining kitchen operations. It is compatible with both Android Tablets and Android Mobile devices. One of its key features is the ability to reprint KOTs, or Kitchen Notes, on a Thermal Receipt Printer, commonly known as a Kitchen Printer. By automating the KOT system, this app not only saves valuable time and energy but also ensures that customer orders are processed in real-time. Additionally, the app has the capability to display images, further enhancing the user experience.

Overall, the Packman KOT App offers a professional and efficient solution for restaurant billing, particularly in kitchen management. Its user-friendly interface and automated features make it a valuable tool for any restaurant looking to optimize their operations.

Ordering and Menu management

The Packman Resto application assists in efficiently taking and managing customer orders, including dine-in, take-out, and delivery options. It also displays menu items with their respective prices and images. By utilizing the Packman Resto application, restaurant staff can streamline the order process, ensuring accuracy and prompt service. This comprehensive system allows customers to conveniently place their orders, whether they Dine In, take out ,drive through and delivery By embracing this innovative solution, restaurants can elevate their service standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Inventory and recipe management

Pacman Resto software assists in efficiently managing inventory and recipes in restaurants. Enhanced with advanced features and user-friendly interface, Pacman Resto software streamlines inventory management and recipe tracking in the restaurant industry. This cutting-edge software solution empowers restaurant owners and managers to effectively monitor and control their inventory, ensuring optimal stock levels and minimizing wastage. By providing a user-friendly interface, real-time notifications, and comprehensive reporting, this software solution empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver an exceptional dining experience to their customers.

Finance and Accounting Management

Finance and Accounting Management in our Packman Resto restaurant management software. Our restaurant management software offers a comprehensive Finance and Accounting Management module that ensures efficient financial operations for your establishment. With this module, you can streamline your financial processes, enhance accuracy, and gain valuable insights into your restaurant's financial performance. By integrating Finance and Accounting Management into our software, we provide you with a powerful tool to handle various financial tasks seamlessly. This module enables you to manage your restaurant's cash flow, track expenses, and generate detailed financial reports effortlessly.

Key functions in POS modules

  • Design Floor and table layout
  • Order and Menu Management
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Split and combine billing
  • Mobile ordering
  • User access controls – MSR Card
  • Delivery management system – telephone line integration & caller id tracking, customer order history, assign and manage delivery persons etc.