Boost Your Fashion and Beauty Store with Our Intelligent and Effective POS Solutions.

Introducing Packman Retail POS Solutions for fashion and beauty stores—a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance sales management, encompassing robust point-of-sale modules and real-time inventory control tailored for the fashion and beauty industry.

Packman stands as a robust retail point-of-sale solution, offering an array of features to keep your business at the forefront of the competition. A standout feature is its centralized customer loyalty program, simplifying order history tracking, loyalty point management, and the provision of exclusive promotions to your valued customers. Furthermore, the solution boasts a mobile app that enables customers to conveniently check their loyalty points and access the latest promotions.

Packman's adaptability in terms of connectivity is another noteworthy aspect. You can utilize the solution offline, online, or in a hybrid mode, ensuring you're not entirely dependent on internet connectivity for your sales processes. This versatility makes it suitable for a diverse range of retail settings, from quaint boutiques to expansive fashion emporiums. With Packman, you'll have all the essential tools at your disposal to effortlessly manage sales, inventory, and your customer loyalty program.

Benefits Of Our Beauty Store POS System:

  • Simplified operations
  • Mobile App to manage inventory on hand held devices
  • Integrated accounting systems
  • Integrated e-commerce solution
  • Centralised customer loyalty program
  • Integrated payment solution
  • Multi-store management
  • Systematic stock keeping
  • Centralised inventory management
  • Mobile BI reports

Notable Features of Our Packman POS Software Tailored for Fashion and Beauty Department Stores

Easy Billing/Invoicing

Creating bills at your fashion store is now a breeze with Packman. Forget the hassle of billing concerns. Our software provides invoices for various transactions, including purchases, sales, repairs, and more, tailored to your specific needs.

Inventory Management

Packman simplifies inventory tracking for your store, enabling real-time management and providing insights into the quantity of products in your possession within a specific timeframe.

Stock Keeping

Manual stock checks are a thing of the past. Thanks to our Fashion POS system, you can significantly enhance business efficiency by diligently tracking your in-stock items.


Experience speed and security with Packman point-of-sale systems. Our system is thoughtfully designed to streamline the billing process, saving you time and effort. Barcoding simplifies the checkout process for both your customers and you.

Consistent and Customizable Reports

Achieve business success by periodically assessing your growth. Our POS system facilitates the generation of regular reports, enabling you to plan future activities effectively.

Multi-store Management

This feature ensures efficient management of multiple stores simultaneously, maximizing your benefits. Install Packman at your beauty department store and prepare to reach new heights.


What is a beauty store POS system?

A beauty store POS system is crafted to enhance the operational efficiency of your clothing store. However, it goes beyond that – POS software simplifies the management of your entire business, encompassing inventory, sales, and customer-related aspects.

Choose Packman Retail for your fashion/beauty department store, as it offers all the essential tools to efficiently and effectively manage your operations.