A fashionable solution for a boutique offering trendy clothing and footwear.

Postman Retail POS Solutions for Garments, Footwear, and Department Stores provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, encompassing point-of-sale modules to ensure a seamless and trouble-free sales process, coupled with real-time inventory management.

The Postman Solution is packed with a centralized customer loyalty program, offering insights into customer order history and a convenient mobile app for customers to track their loyalty points and access various promotions. It also boasts multiple sales promotion features to keep your business ahead of the competition, among other valuable functionalities.

What sets Postman Retail POS apart is its flexibility in connectivity. It seamlessly operates in offline, online, or hybrid modes, eliminating the need for complete reliance on internet connectivity for conducting sales processes.


Benefits Of Our Garment/Footwear Store POS System

  • Better stock management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Centralised customer loyalty program
  • Convenient employee management
  • Integrated e-commerce solution
  • Round-the-clock access to data
  • Simplified operations
  • Centralised inventory and order management
  • Integrated payment solution
  • Mobile BI reports

Highlighted Features of Our Packman POS Software Tailored for Garment and Footwear Stores

Quick Operations

Implementing a POS system in your garment store accelerates in-store operations, enhancing the customer experience by reducing wait times, expediting item scanning, facilitating quicker payments, and more.

Secure Payments

We specialize in providing a secure and seamless payment-receiving system, known for its efficiency. Our system significantly reduces transaction time, ensuring secure and instant payments for your convenience.

Better Customer Experience

Our array of automated services enhances the sense of value for your customers. By minimizing their wait times, we elevate their shopping experience, fostering a loyal customer base that returns to your store repeatedly.

Systematic Sorting

Managing a multitude of articles in your store can become quite challenging. However, our intelligent POS system offers a systematic platform to streamline this process. You can categorize inventory by departments, apply labels and serial numbers, attach images, craft detailed descriptions, and more, making inventory management a breeze.

Customer Loyalty

Our array of customer loyalty features is designed to foster trust with your customers, ultimately driving the growth of your business. Increasing customer loyalty by just 5% can have a substantial impact, potentially boosting profits by 25% to 95%, a significant growth opportunity.

Guaranteed Returns

We are committed to ensuring that your investment in Packman is valuable. To achieve this, we regularly update our software for an enhanced experience, ensuring that customers receive better overall service and are more inclined to return to your store for their future purchases.


What is a footwear store POS system?

Inventory management POS software tailored for shoe stores enhances business operations by reducing staffing requirements and automating tasks. This software enables stores to efficiently organize shoes and accessories, categorizing them by brand, size, color, and other relevant criteria.

A retail POS software tailored for footwear is advantageous for various reasons, including its capability to detect cash discrepancies and assess employee accuracy through daily shift reports. Particularly in clothing stores with multiple staff members handling cash, the POS system tracks all shifts. This data also proves valuable for tax purposes, aiding in the determination of owed taxes.

A Footwear POS system streamlines all facets of store operations, encompassing sales, purchases, inventory management, and integrated accounting. This simplifies business management, particularly as it scales and expands.

When selecting a POS system for your business, it's crucial to contemplate the payment methods you intend to accept. Beyond conventional options like cash and checks, you might also want to consider incorporating credit card processing, QR code payments, and integrated payment solutions. Ensure that the chosen POS software aligns with the payment methods you aim to provide, enabling you to commence accepting payments promptly.